Why Us?

Choosing the best physicians and staff is only part of our quality. We have invested in the latest technology. We are committed to providing good service to our patients, performing quality imaging and achieving better results.

Our centre and all our equipment are certified with ISO 9001 quality certification and continue to serve our people.

We also have a rule to minimise radiation exposure to protect you, our patients, from the harmful effects of radiation. We use the lowest possible dose of radiation in film shootings.


About Us

Tomokay Medical Imaging Centre

TOMOKAY was established in Bursa in 2000. In 2005, TOMOKAY Medical Imaging Centre was opened in Gemlik. In 2016, TOMOKAY Medical Imaging Centre was put into service in Bursa. It takes its name from the "Tomo" of the Tomography device and the "Okay" of the founder Dr. Ertan Okay. We have carefully prepared TOMOKAY for you. In the heart of Bursa, spacious spaces, free car parking, high technology imaging devices, friendly staff and specialist doctor are at your service.

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